This is the first time that any contractor has used a blade lifter in the UK to transport blades upright!

🤔 A E Yates Ltd.‘s role: preparing the highway delivery route/modifying the highway eg. diverting BT and SPEN overhead cables to avoid accidental damage and disruption to community links.

⛑ Safety: The blades being transported horizontally allows the blades to go around much tighter corners safely! As the blade tip was up in the air the risk of any cars crashing into the blades was avoided!

🤝AEY worked alongside Nordex Group and Collett to ensure the final route was suitable and accessible for the blades to be delivered to site on behalf of Energiekontor UK Management Ltd. All parties liaised with Scottish Borders Council throughout the delivery programme!

♻ A E Yates Ltd. are working towards Net Zero by 2030, and the wind farms that we help construct are a huge contribution to this mission; we would like to share our progress!

👷‍♂️ 👷‍♀️ Well done to our power & waste team:
Adrian Booth

Tom Gill

Dale Dixon

Chris Coleman

Sean Bargh

Dave Sammon