A E Yates are upgrading Harthill Reservoir & helping the local community.

A E Yates are updating the Harthill reservoir in Sheffield in partnership with Canal & River Trust and Kier. Harthill reservoir is a water reserve for the local Chesterfield Canal, and home to Rotherham Sailing Club. The reservoir was constructed more than 200 years and in December 2020 plans were announced to upgrade the reservoir by redesigning the overflow spillway to increase the resilience of the reservoir. Canal & River trust have invested £5 million into the upgrade and the programme of works to upgrade the reservoir is due to to be completed by late 2023/ early 2024.

Canal & River Trust as well as Chesterfield Canal Trust plan to build 15 stepped fishing platforms around the reservoir, for both day-to-day and competitive fishing use by anglers to enhance the fishing experience at the reservoir. The new dedicated fishing platforms will help to preserve the reservoir by minimising damage to its stonework and sides. This will protect and preserve the reservoir.

A E Yates are constructing the labyrinth weir, and spillway with penstocks, low flow pipes, gate valves, concrete chute, and reinforced grass channel. We will fabricate and install footbridge to accommodate public footpath, construct toe drainage with inspection chambers and outlet structures, install replacement trash screens and access improvements, remove auxiliary Spillway, and reinstate Dam including access steps.


  • Planting new trees and creating more green spaces.
  • Reservoirs supply water to local communities.
  • Flood control – protecting people and houses.
  • Harthill reservoir will promote walking, running, and cycling. (This will improve physical and mental health)

How have A E Yates helped the local community surrounding Harthill Reservoir?

Unfortunately, in February 2023 sluice gates at a reservoir were opened without permission, where a number of fish died as a result. The Canal and River Trust said around 140 carp escaped from Harthill Reservoir into a small stream that lacked oxygen and many fish were destroyed through the stones, some left dead or scales and fins missing.

A E Yates volunteered once we heard about this distressing scene and helped with the fish clean-up, and we managed to rescue fish that were still alive and overall, 70 fish were rescued.

A E Yates site team also donated £500 worth of food to a local food bank.

Site Management at Harthill Reservoir led by AE Yates Works Manager Steve Young dug deep into their own pockets and in just over a week managed to donate £500 worth of food to New Hope Food Bank Based in Killamarsh in December 2022.

Special praise needs to go to AE Yates Works Manager Steve Young, who made this fundraiser take of the ground. Special thanks also need to go to AE Yates Contracts Manager Gary Reeves and AE Yates Site Manager Iain Beilby & Dean Battye who encouraged the whole site team to get involved.

Steve Young, A E Yates Works Manager who Regularly helps at food banks with his Granddaughter Lillie:

“We don’t always have an easy start and sometimes times can be rough through no fault of our own, to have someone reach out and lend a hand could mean the world to them, we should all be giving something back in one way or another”.

37% of families (1.3 million people) will rely on food parcels from food banks, whilst 21% (760,000) people will rely on donated gifts parcels over the Christmas period. Families who have children under the age of 18, six in 10 will go into debt over Christmas, even resorting to using credit cards to cover the cost.

A E Yates believe that no one should ever go without. Little acts of compassion and kindness and every little helps and sometimes can go a long way. Food Banks increasingly need donations, now more than ever due to the cost-of-living crisis.

A E Yates also donated 150 Heras fence panels to Harthill Carnival.