C507 - Pumping Station & UID at New Brighton, Wirral

United Utilities

Project undertaken to improve the quality of storm sewer outfalls to River Mersey at New Brighton Promenade.


tunnelling works

New 5740m3 capacity off-line pumped storage tank as 20m ID segmental shaft 20m deep and mechanised pipejacked tunnel in sandstone beneath the promenade. 200m of 1800mm ID tunnelled connection and storage sewer by pressurised slurry TBM, internal rising main return to ex PS. New spill chamber in RC concrete, replacement of pumps in ex PS. New control building for MEICA.

Study Project Date  
C673 - Blackburn Town Centre UID's 01/11/2012
C312 - Flood Alleviation Scheme at River Lavant, Chichester. 01/03/2010
C507 - Pumping Station & UID at New Brighton, Wirral 01/11/2007
C411 - WwTW's at Mickle Trafford & Thornton Hough 01/03/2005

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