A E Yates Directional Drilling

We focus on the Horizontal Directional Drilling technique. HDD is a non-intrusive method for the installation of pipes and ducts.

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Our method provides a cost effective, safe, environmentally sustainable alternative to open cut construction. Trenchless construction reduces construction impact to the public and the environment by eliminating or mitigating traffic disruption and public nuisance due to dust and noise. Construction traffic is greatly reduced as trenchless construction reduces material importation, handling and removal of excavated spoil. Carbon emissions are reduced by up to 90% set against open cut for a like for like scheme.  A trenchless solution on a highway also has the added benefit of eliminating disturbance to the existing road surface helping to maintain the designed life span.

Our technical knowledge and fleet of equipment means that you receive the complete trenchless solution package supported by a skilled and highly experienced workforce.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

We develop sustainable solutions for projects in the range £5,000 to £2,000,000 utilising the HDD technique.  We have the required specialist skills, knowledge and capability to deliver solutions with our…

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Rock Drilling

We have taken delivery of a new drilling rig to offer a more comprehensive service to customers. Our Ditch Witch AT40 has been optioned so it works as a dual…

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