All the Children would like to say Thanks Ronnie.

Where it all began!

Children’s construction area at nursery

SPI Piling Ltd, Piling Manager Ronnie Head, has a daughter that works with preschool children, and they have been learning all about construction, here’s a bit about what they have been doing.

At The Nursery the children have been exploring Construction, it has been the main focus in the 3–4-year-old unit for the past couple of weeks. Children have been enjoying exploring blocks, Lego, magnetic shapes, and junk modelling to create their own buildings, bridges, and roads. The adults have observed lots of wonderful collaborative play, amongst the children. They have shown wonderful team work to bring their visions to life. 

This interest has ignited the children’s thinking and has resulted in them creating some wonderful interpretations of buildings.

The next steps of their project have led them to develop their construction area within the unit. The children were excited to learn that Courtney’s Dad (Ronnie) is in fact a construction worker. Himself along with SPI Piling Ltd, have very kindly donated some very interesting new resources for the children to explore. We donated some high-vis vests and of course some hard hats to extend on their role-play.

Toby (3 yrs. old) said “wow Courtney, did your dad really give us his builders hat? Will he not need one on the construction site”.

The children have been really engaged in their new construction area which is supporting their individual ideas and imaginations.

A E Yates Civil Engineering Ltd / SPI Piling Ltd, gave Ronnie some children’s books, that were recently put together the book is called “when I grow up” which has become a firm favourite with the children. The children have really enjoyed reading this story with their nursery adults.

Jack (3 yrs. old) said, “I might be the same as Courtney’s dad and do construction”.

Our Construction and building interest continue to grow, we can’t wait to see where it leads them too next.

The children are really enjoying spending time in their construction site with all their new resources. It was lovely to observe their very knowledgeable roleplay. 

Sophie (3 yr old) said, “come quick and see what me and Ellie made”.

Betsy (3 yr old) “it’s a sign for our building site. The building site is where we are making a bridge for the people.”

Sophie “it’s a sign and it says danger! Do not come in unless you are a construction worker.”

Betsy said “okay, we need to get busy now and build the bridge. We are construction workers and William is going to drive the crane”.

William (3 yrs. old) said “I’ll drive the crane”.

What does the crane do?

William “lifts up the heavy things…it moves and does its job”.

Statement from the nursery-

All the children and I are very grateful for your support at A E Yates Civil Engineering Ltd and SPI Piling Ltd, with the project. We continue to learn new information about Construction each day. Thank you!

Inspiring minds

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Permission has been given for the children’s images to go on this article / post, and all children’s names have been changed.