Building on History!

In November 2021, Tritech Ground Engineering were working on the site of the former Woodford aerodrome near Macclesfield in Cheshire. Historically the site was an airfield and aircraft factory that was opened by Avro after the First World War and became an important production facility for military aircraft during the Second World War. Planes made at the factory include the iconic Lancaster and Shackleton bombers. Following the war the delta winged Vulcan bomber, the backbone of the UK’s airborne nuclear deterrent during the Cold War and which saw conventional action in the Falklands War, was built here. All that is now left is the Avro Heritage Museum which occupies the old aerodrome fire station and displays a Vulcan bomber outside (shown on the image below).

The site is now a major residential development called Woodford Garden Village which, on completion, will provide over 900 homes. A development of this scale is being built over a series of phases. We have designed a 200mm precast concrete driven piled solution and installed 787 piles to support the foundations over an eight week programme. Due to the ground conditions the piles are up to 16m in length will be required to accommodate loads up to 350kN.

We would be pleased to discuss any potential driven piled solution that requires services, or any of our other services, that may provide the ideal solution for your project. We also welcome discussion for any of your more general ground engineering needs or requirements so please get in touch by phone or through the ‘contact us’ page on the website.