Case Study

Smart Motorways Midlands

Night working on the M1 installing cross carriageway ducts

Horizontal Directional Drilling
Contract No.
Ground Conditions
Stiff Clay/Mudstone


Smart motorway working

We completed our third visit to install communication ducts on the M1 motorway between Junctions 13-16 in spring 2021. The ducts are required to allow the upgrade of technology infrastructure to Smart Motorway standards. The125mm diameter ducts, clustered in groups of four, provide routing for power and data cabling for Variable Speed Limit signage and a combination of motorway signals and advanced motorway indicators.

Two of our rigs are working on the projects through the night to reduce any day time impact on traffic. To date we have completed over 50 locations with more to come. We have also developed a bespoke solution that has made a significant reduction in the earthworks required to site our rigs.

We rolled over onto the Junction 13-16 project after carrying out the Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) works on the Junction 16-19 contract. Indeed we are fast becoming a regular sight on the motorways having worked extensively on the network on Smart motorway schemes over last few years.