Case Study

Annan Business Park Annan, Scotland

Combined Soil Stabilisation received an SOS call from Ecogenics Holdings in Annan, Scotland. They were constructing a new head office and facility for their Eco Process Solutions business and had engaged a soil stabilisation contractor to strengthen the ground under the 6000m2 building footprint.

Ecogencis Holdings Ltd
Lime & Cement Modification
6000 sq.m.
5 Days


Annan Buisness Park

The contractor had used a modified binder that unfortunately failed to provide the 30% CBR strength requirement and they failed rectify the situation. We received the call on a Friday and arranged to attend site the following Monday to assess the situation.

We proposed a solution when we attended the initial meeting on site. The opportunity was also taken to collect samples of the subgrade from six areas of the building footprint to test at our laboratory to confirm our proposal and guarantee our pricing. Softer than expected material below the subgrade level, covering around a third of the building area, was also taken into consideration. This meant treating an additional layer of material in this area to achieve the required 5% CBR subgrade strength.
The solution was accepted and we initiated mobilisation of plant and equipment utilising A E Yates Group resources

The solution developed included;
• treating the soft subgrade with lime to a depth of 300mm to achieve 5% CBR
• treating a 300mm layer to the whole footprint with a lime/cement mix to achieve 30% CBR
We use only tried and tested binders that we know will work - lime and cement (GGBS may also be used when sulphates are present).
One team, operating one of Seven integrated mixers we own, mobilised the following Monday and completed the work in only 5 days. In total we turned around this project in only 10 days and got Eco Genics back on track with minimum delay.

The customer was very pleased with our performance and has expressed his delight on social media (sample post shown in the images). Whilst we are pleased to receive accolades it is more important for us to prove that, by employing competent experienced contractors, this tested and trusted process contributes significant environmental and economic savings.

In our experience these situations, although not unprecedented, are rare. When they do occur however we stand ready to offer the advice and services to be expected of one of the leading soil stabilisation contractors in the industry today.