Case Study

Retirement Village Tattenhall, Cheshire

A rare (currently) foray into the residential sector on a luxury retirement village.

Seddon Construction
Lime modification and earthworks
7 weeks


Retirement Village

This residential development provides luxurious retirement apartments in a village environment. It was constructed over three phases and the first two were piled. Alternative options were considered for the third phase and we worked with the Seddon Construction for some time to develop viable options offering better economic benefits. This was achieved and a further hurdle, specific to the housebuilding sector, was also negotiated successfully.

The willingness of Premier Guarantee, the warranty provider for the project, to approve soil stabilisation for use was key. Engaging WSP’s geotechnical engineers to develop the design with us, and provide the required warranties on the project, also gave the contractor further confidence in our solution. After resolving these issues the project works were straight forward. We carried out both the earthworks and stabilisation over a seven week period with a single team using one of our integrated mixers due to the proximity of the residential complex.

The residential sector is not normally associated with soil stabilisation in England primarily due to warranty provider reticence in recognising stabilisation as a foundation solution. The trade association for the industry, Britpave, has long discussed acceptance with the main warranty provider as, in addition to providing the necessary technical requirements, the method can realise significant environmental and economic benefits.