Case Study

Merseyside Distribution & Logistics Liverpool

Two warehouse project comparing the performance of two of our vibro stone column rigs.

Vibro Stone Columns
6 weeks


Liverpool Logistics

We used this project to put our recently acquired cruiserweight Kobelco vibro Stone column piling rig up against our heavyweight RTG rig. Keen to compare the relative performance of the rigs we delivered them to a project site, lit the blue touchpaper and stood back!
Was the Kobelco overpowered by the bigger machine or did it dance rings around it and make it look foolish? Well what we got after three weeks and almost 6500 piles was a draw. The Kobelco is not a purpose designed rig, we have adapted and refined it from an excavator body and a vibro mast. Since we took delivery around a year ago we have had it in training ready to square up to the RTG and it has vindicated our faith. There will be future rematches where the two will be treated as equals.