Case Study

A120 Bypass Little Hadham, Hertfordshire

Permanent piling to form a water cut off wall

Graham Construction
Contract No.
Installation with ABI TM 14-17 Telescopic Leader Rig & Vibratory Hammer


Highway to Herts

We were engaged in the installation of permanent sheet piles in a range of sections from ZZ18-700 to ZZ36-700 with lengths between 10m and 22m.
The piles were installed by one of our ABI Telescopic Leader Rigs mounted with a vibratory hammer. The piles were then back driven with our HPH2400 mounted onto our ABI TM 14/17 Telescopic Leader Rig.
The piles form a water cut off wall along the line of a new single carriageway road as part of the planned 2.4-mile northern bypass of the village. The embankments along the River Ash and Albury tributary will also act as flood defences for Little Hadham.