Case Study

Ashley Hill Embankment Bristol


CAN Geotechnical Ltd
Contract No.
Gilbert Grizzly MultiGrip MG-60


Ashley Hill North & South Embankment, Bristol

SPI Piling Ltd were employed to Supply and for the Installation of 178nr 305 x 305 x 137 UKC ranging in length from 3.5m to 7.5m. A 35t excavator and Movax attachment. Piles will be installed to a tolerance of 10mm to enable the bolted waling beams (piles 09 to 125) to be connected. M24 TCB’s will be used throughout the connecting of the waling beam to the piles.
Due to the location of the railway embankment and that the trains will be running throughout the works the installation gang for the steel piles will be PTS trained. The gang carrying out the waling beam installation will be ICI trained and not PTS trained due to their working position in relation to the existing railway line.

Ashley Hill North Embankment

Installation of 39nr 254 x 254 x 107 UKC and 1nr 356 x 406 x 287 UKC’s 5.5m long using a 35t excavator and Movax attachment.