Case Study

Buckingham Avenue Slough

Commercial Development

Hope & Clay Construction Ltd
Contract No.
Number of Piles


Buckingham Avenue, Slough

SPI Piling Ltd are employed by Hope & Clay Ltd to install a total of 285nr 9m long sheet piles to enable them to excavate a trench and install a new sewer/drainage system in Slough.
The sheet piles have been installed using a combination of the ABI Leader rig and the Tosa pile press system, due to varying constraints across the large site.
During phase 1 of the piling scheme in Winter 2020, the sheet piles were installed using the leader rig with phase 2 consisting of extracting the previously installed sheet piles using the pile press in Spring 2021. Phase 2 of the piling scheme was completed in Spring 2021 when the extracted sheet piles were reinstalled in the same visit using a combination of the ABI leader rig as well as the Tosa pile press where vibration sensitivity was a concern and therefore peak particle velocity (PPV) limits had been set by various service providers.
SPI Piling Ltd were on site in May 2021 completing the final phase of the sheet piling scheme, which consists of extracting the sheet piles using the Tosa pile press system.