Case Study

Cinderhill Lane, Scholar Green, Stoke On Trent Stoke on Trent

Housing Development

GBP Cinderhill Lane Ltd
ABI TM 13/16 SL Telescopic Leader Rig
Contract No.


Cinderhill Lane, Scholar Green, Stoke on Trent

SPI Piling Ltd, were employed to carry out the design supply and installation of Permanent steel sheet piling to form retaining walls enabling the development of two domestic properties at Cinderhill Lane, Stoke on Trent.
Our inhouse design team, along with the client, designed a bespoke solution, to act as cantilevered retaining walls, for the 2 new properties which were being built on an existing graded site.
The retained heights ranged from 2.5m to 5m in height. The design solution was to utilise AZ18-700 steel sheet piles ranging in lengths from 8m to 11m.
Piles were installed using our TM13/16SL Leader rig, which was also utilised for an advanced augering operation. This meant that the same machine was used throughout minimising heavy transport moves into the area, and saving time and money.