Case Study

Ferry Dock Fleetwood

Conventional Piling

Birse Coastal Ltd
Contract No.
29 Piles approximately 17M long


Ferry Dock, Fleetwood

SPI Piling Ltd were employed to supply and installation of approx. 29No SX27’s at 16m in length to form a cut-off wall across the existing ferry dock. The sheet piles were an emergency measure preventing further movement of the dock walls which were undermined during dredging. The Piles were installed using a 120T Crawler Crane working at a maximum radius of 28M.
As part of the proposed remedial works to the Fleetwood Ferry Dock, a line of sheet piles approximately 17.0 metres long were driven across the existing dock to prevent further undermining of the original sheet piles to the perimeter. In the permanent condition the sheet piles are tied back to a stone mattress via permanent steel waling which are installed as part of the scope of these works.
Permanent sheet piling works consist of approximately 28 nr SX27 Larssen Section sheet piles, 15 to 16 metres long installed to form a cut off wall of approximate overall length 17.0 metres, along with one level of permanent steel twin channel walings.
The junctions between the sheet piles and the existing dock walls are sealed by installing a closure plate at the east end (adjacent to the existing timber jetty), with the opposite (west) end closure pile being scribed and driven as close as is possible to the side of the original sheet piles.
The piles were positioned using temporary gates and piling frames positioned within the existing Dock, erected then extracted using a 200 tonne capacity mobile crane. This crane was also used for off-loading and distribution of steel pile deliveries, as well as lifting materials in and out of the Dock as required.