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Fountainwell Overbridge Glasgow

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Fountainwell Overbridge, Glasgow

SPI Piling Ltd, were employed to Supply, Installation and dynamic load testing of 16 nr 762mm diameter x 16mm wall thickness tubular bearing piles, 18m long adjacent to live railway tracks.
The tubular piles were installed in 2 nr rows of 8 nr piles to form the permanent bearing piles for Abutment A (North) and Abutment B (South) for the new Fountainwell Overbridge. The new abutments are positioned either side of the Brishopbriggs to Queen Street railway lines.
The ABI TM20 Telescopic Leader Rig was used to pitch and drive the tubular pile to rock head (approximately 13m below platform) with a vibratory hammer.
A CX110 hydraulic impact hammer (16.2 tonnes approx.) was used to drive the tubular bearing to set.
Each bearing pile was dynamically load tested (CAPWAP tested or similar) to design verification load (DVL) of 6612kn.
The piling works have been completed to abutment A, the leader rig and telescopic crawler crane was moved using a low loader to the south side of the railway and the above process was repeated to install the remaining 8 nr bearing piles at abutment B (south).