Case Study

GAIA Wright Street Bridge Cofferdams Glasgow

Temporary Works

Wills Brothers Civil Engineering Ltd
Side Grip installation
Contract No.


GAIA Wright Street Bridge Cofferdams

SPI Piling Ltd, providing temporary works support to allow the main construction at Glasgow Airport Investment Area.
These cofferdams will allow the main contractor to construct the 2 main bridge abutments for the new Wright Street Bridge.
Piles were installed with Gilbert Grizzly Side Grip, attached to a 38te excavator, working at radius of up to 9m.
Piles have been Supplied from SPI Piling Ltd own stocks and are expected to be extracted at a future date.
Installation of 2 number cofferdams to facilitate the new highways bridge piers to be constructed.
The cofferdams will be worked out into the white cart water by installing as cells.