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Hornsea Onshore Substation Immingham

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Balfour Beatty Ltd
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abi tm13/16 Telescopic Leader Rig


Hornsea Onshore Substation

Hornsea Windfarm Project, is a nationally strategically important scheme for the Wind Energy Sector as part of the governments commitment to Greeny Energy Supply to the UK.
As part of these major projects, normally undertaken in remote parks of the UK coastline, large cables enter the coastline, bringing the power onshore into the grid. Where these cables terminate large substations are required to deal with the incoming energy generated, entering the grid.
these cables are extremely large, and are deep beneath the ground and as such Balfour Beatty, engaged SPI Piling Ltd, to install 3nr permanent 3 sided sheet pile walls for the new Onshore Substation. Sheet piles required to enable the cables to enter the new substation.
installation of t95nr L604 X 8.0m Sheet piles utilising a ABI TM 13/16 Telescopic Leader Rig. 2nr cofferdams consisted of 40nr piles and a smaller cofferdam with 15nr piles.