Case Study

Imperial Wharf London

Commercial Development

Galldris Group
Contract No.
Kowan Stillworker


Imperial Wharf, London

SPI Piling were employed to install sheet piles to enable the redevelopment of an old commercial site with one boundary fronting the River Lea in London.
Being surrounded by other properties and structures, some old and potentially unstable, the piles were installed with our silent and vibrationless piler.
This mitigated the potential for damage to the old structures and as the Kowan Stillworker produces no vibration and very little noise, the birds were even nesting on the floating boom surrounding the piling operations.

The works were broken in to two elements:
1: The installation of around 90m of 9m long sheet piles up against the site boundary brick wall to enable the excavation and installation of an attenuation tank

2: The installation of 100m of sheet piles 10-11m long in the River Lea to form a cofferdam so our client could break out approximately 50% of the existing river wall for a new sheet
pile wall formed of 11-12m long piles and to lower the level of the remaining 50% to create a new wetland habitat.
Once the new works have been completed we will return to site to extract the cofferdam in the river so the piles can be reused on other projects.