Case Study

Isle of Man Ferry Terminal Liverpool

Ports and Harbours

John Sisk & Sons Ltd
Contract No.
ABI TM 14/17 Telescopic Leader Rig


Isle of Man Ferry Terminal, Liverpool

Prior to SPI Piling Ltd.’s arrival on site, John Sisk and Sons Limited formed a stone piling platform and access ramp from the existing Dock Walls down into the Dock to a level of 500mm above the dock water level. SPI Piling Ltd, were engaged by John Sisk and Sons Limited to work within 3nr areas for the new Isle of Man Ferry Terminal. The 1st main work area at West Waterloo Dock, involved the installation of 2nr permanent 13m long PU28/PU32 curved sheet piled walls. These piles were installed as pairs on the straight line area and single for the curves. The piles were installed with an ABI TM 14/17 Telescopic Leader Rig supported by a 70T crawler crane for feeding of piles and impact driving. The 2 lines of sheet piled walls were tied together with M76 and M90 tie-bars connected to 430×100 twin PFC waling beams bolted to the sheet piled wall with M33 and M36 bolts. The area was then backfilled to allow a capping beam to the external line of piles this new area is the car parking/waiting area for the Isle of Man Ferry Crossing. Work areas 2 and 3 (Dock Inlets) were installed in the same manner but these 2 areas were straight sheet piled lines and again fixed together by the 430×100 twin PFC and backfilled.