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Lincoln Eastern Bypass Lincoln

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Galliford Try Infrastructure Ltd
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Permanent and Temporary Works


River Witham Bridge

We were piling contractor of choice for Galliford Try for the installation of both temporary and permanent steel sheet piles for a new bridge over the River Witham on the route of the Lincoln Eastern Bypass.
A range of temporary works enabled the construction of temporary bridges providing access to construct the permanent bridge structure. Permanent Piles were also installed to three piers of the bridge to provide scour protection and bank support.
The A15 Lincoln Eastern Bypass is a 7.5km road designed to improve Lincoln’s infrastructure, encourage growth, minimise traffic congestion and enhance the inter-city environment. The bypass starts at a new roundabout on the A15 Sleaford Road and finish at the A158 Wragby Road, connecting with the existing northern relief road and becoming the next step towards creating a complete ring road around the city. The bypass will see new roundabouts built at Greetwell Road, Washingborough Road, Lincoln Road, Branston and the A15 Sleaford Road.
The project was backed by Lincolnshire County Council, the Department for Transport, and the three district authorities (City of Lincoln Council, West Lindsey and North Kesteven District Councils).