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Lynemouth Rail Intake Northumberland

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Sir Robert McAlpine
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Permanent & Temporary Works
ABI TM 20 Telescopic Leader Rig


Lynemouth Rail Intake

Sir Robert McAlpine as Principal Contractor, engaged for the construction, and the conversion of an old coal fired power station to run on Biomass fuel. Energy produced using biomass fuel- is renewable, and produces clean energy for communities.
SPI Piling Ltd were employed as part of this project to supply and install a permanent sheet piled intake terminal with temporary and permanent steel framing to form a rail unloading bunker for the incoming biomass fuel, Project included Sheet Piling, Framing, Clutch Welding and Stud Welding.
In its permanent use the sheet piles and frames fully support a freight train carrying Biomass Fuel, Providing an unloading bay as part of the overall new plant operations.