Case Study

M60 Palatine Road Manchester

Supply, Installation and Extraction

Contract No.
Carnell Support Services Ltd
SideGrip Grizzly MG - 90


M60 Palatine Road

As part of the area 10 Highways England framework, SPI Piling Ltd, were engaged as a sub-contractor for the design, supply, installation and future extraction of sheet piles, as part of the M60 Palatine Road Bridge repairs.
The main construction under the framework requires the partial demolition and reconstruction of the existed bridge piers, beneath the live M60 Palatine Road Bridge.
Temporary cofferdams were required to allow excavation to existing foundation levels, to enable substantial temporary propping and jacking of the existing carriageway, from the pier heads thus allowing the pier works to be completed.
All piles were supplied from SPI Piling Ltd, stocks, and installed using Gilbert Grizzly MultiGrip attached to 35te excavator working in restricted head room of 8m.