Case Study

McDonalds Restaurant Woking

Commercial Development

Galamast Construction Group
Gilbert Grizzly MG-90 Side Grip


McDonald's Restaurant, Woking

SPI Piling Ltd, were employed by Galamast Ltd to install a new retaining wall at the location of a new McDonalds Restaurant in Woking, England.
The steel sheet piles were to act as a permanent retaining wall to enable the construction of the drive through portion of the restaurant.
The sheet piles were of varying lengths an were subsequently finished with a concrete capping beam.
This project was complicated due to the extremely busy site and multiple other contractors completing the other portions of the McDonalds construction.
The steel sheet piles were pitched and driven using a 35t excavator and Gilbert Grizzly MG-90 side-grip vibratory hammer and subsequently impact driven to refusal using a Pajot air-hammer.
SPI Piling Ltd, were responsible for the design, supply and installation of the sheet piled retaining wall and worked closely with the client’s designers to facilitate alterations to the sheet piled wall as the client’s requirements developed.