Case Study

MEL Chemicals Swinton Manchester


ASKAM Civil Engineering Ltd
Contract No.
Permanent Retaining Wall


MEL Chemicals Swinton Manchester

This project for ASKAM Civil Engineering consisted of the pre-auger and installation for a permanent retaining wall consisting 44nr new GU16N steel sheet piles varying in length from 6.5m to 8.0m.The AugerTorque 65000 MAX excavator mounted auger was used for augering and the Grizzly MG90 side-grip vibratory hammer was used to complete this project. Due to the proximity of an existing sulphuric acid tank, vibrations were a concern to the plant owners. As such a vibration monitor was installed which monitor the vibrations 24hr a day and a weekly report of the vibrations produced, vibrations recorded on this project were less than 25mm/s.
Upon completion of the pile installation, a 540mmx100mm steel capping beam will be welded to the pile tops. The client will then dig down to the open side of the piled wall and construct a new concrete base and plinth for a new chemical tank.