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Metalworks Slough

Highways and Structures

MG60 Side Grip / ABI TM20 Telescopic Leader Rig / Tosa Stillworker / BSP SL30 impact hammer MRZV 30VV vibratory hammer /
Colmore Tang Construction Ltd
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Metalworks Slough

SPI Piling Ltd was employed for the project scope consists of the Installation of 551nr GU23N sheet piles at approximately 9.5m long using an ABI Leader Rig as well as a TOSA type silent, hydraulic pile press in a number of sensitive locations. There was also a requirement to utilise a leader rig mounted ‘Hydropress’ for a small portion of the pile line.
The project scope also consisted of the Installation of 224nr CHS bearing piles at various lengths and diameters. These bearing piles were installed using an ABI Leader Rig and back driven to level if required.
There was also extensive amounts of clutch welding, water bar (puddle flange) and shear stud installation.
There was a requirement for dynamic load tests to be conducted on a number of the CHS bearing piles. The specific pile numbers being confirmed by the client’s site engineer.
Particular care had to be given to the depth of the sheet piles and bearing piles (CHS) which was annotated in the piling schedules.