Case Study

Normandy Switch House, Guildford Pirbright

Energy & Power

P T Contractors Ltd
Contract No.
Gilbert Grizzly MG-90 Side Grip / DX 25 Hydraulic Impact Hammer


Normandy Switch House, Guildford

SPI Piling Ltd, were employed by PT Contractors Ltd to install 4 tubular piles in an existing and fully operational power substation in Normandy, England.

The CHS piles were a permanent foundation for the construction of a new substation building which would sit above the ground with the tubular piles acting as stilts to prevent flooding of the substation once operational.
This project was extremely complicated due to its extremely restricted access and substation unit remaining fully operational during the piling activities.

The tubular piles were pitched and driven using a 35t excavator and Grizzly side-grip vibratory hammer.
SPI Piling Ltd operated within the confines of the substation, whilst maintaining the strict distances from both overhead services and underground services as well as avoiding the HV substation building immediately to the north of the piled location.