Case Study

Rob Royston Station Glasgow


Emcogiffen Ltd
Contract No.
OLE Foundation Tubes


Rob Royston Station, Glasgow

SPI Piling Ltd was employed to supply and for the installation of 10nr 610 x 16 OLE FOUNDATIONN TUBES (14m to 8m long). And approximately 120nr 273 x 10 WT tubes (8m to 12m long) acting as bearing piles for the new platform at Rob Royston Station. OLE tubes and test piles to be installed under Saturday and Sunday night possessions 16th/17th/18th Feb Separate visit for platform piles. 6nr test piles are to be installed as part of the OLE visit to establish the required lengths for the platform bearing piles.

610 OLE piles to be installed using leader rig with Impact driving using excavator mounted DX25 273 dia OLE piles to be installed using Grizzly MG90/35 tonne excavator with impact driving using DX25 hammer due to varying rock head level that the piles have to drive to, OLE piles will be driven as plain piles and 6 boss adaptors fitted to suite the connection of the OLE portal stanchions.