Case Study

Walney Offshore Windfarm Blackpool

Energy & Power

Volker Infrastructure / Birse Civils / Tideway
250m of Temporary Sheet Piles
Contract No.


Walney Offshore Windfarm 2 Intertidal Zone Cofferdam Cleveleys, Blackpool

SPI Piling were employed by Volker Infra/ Birse Civils/ Tideway for the Installation of 250m of temporary Steel sheet piles on the coast at Cleveleys, Blackpool. The piles were installed during tidal working on the seafront.
The cofferdam was required in order to aid the installation of a permanent steel liner and the installation of new cable pull entering from Walney 2 Windfarm.
With difficult access to the shorefront at these locations the use of our modern smaller rigs with efficient MRZV attachments meant that the piles could be installed into the stiff clays without the need for impact driving.

The cofferdam was installed utilising a mixture of ā€˜Uā€™ section piles that differed along the alignment due to the vast difference in retained heights approaching the low water line. Temporary bracing was required to two thirds of the length of the cofferdam and consisted of part steel fabricated frame to the landside and hydraulic supports to the tidal zones.
Retained heights varied from 5m to 2m, with 50% of the cofferdam subjected to tidal inflows each tide.