Case Study

Telford Shropshire

A tubular steel driven piling housing project.

Tubular Steel Driven Piling
2 Weeks (over 2 Visits)


A Tritech Ground Engineering Staple, piles for houses.

A commonly undertaken project by Tritech Ground Enginnering is driven piling work for various housebuilders across the country.

This project was no different. We were tasked with installing the piles for a some plots, including a mix of detached and semi-detached housing, as well as some apartment blocks and stand-alone garages, for a large housing project in the Midlands. Most of the other plots on site were being done as either strip foundations, or trench fill but due to ground conditions some plots would need piling.

On these areas we drove the steel piles to around 6m into bedrock, in order for them to achieve their bearing capacity. Due to the different plot types the piles were being installed for there were different pile loads required, as a result we ended up implementing a few different pile sizes. For the higher loads (up to 500kN) we installed 178mm tubular steel piles, and for smaller load requirements (up to 400kN) we installed 140mm tubular steel. All our steel piles are supplied as recycled stock from the oil industry, to reduce waste and do our bit to be eco-friendly!

As there had been several trees onsite before commencement of works we also checked whether heave was likely to cause an issue, and ensured all neccessary precautions were then taken.

As with all of our driven piling projects we implemented a rigorous testing regime to LABC/NHBC standards, meaning that six dynamic load tyests were carried out across two visits, and all results were then passed onto the client for approval.

As always, we completed the project professionally and quickly across two visits, and were able to move on to our next project...