Case Study

Frozen Food Storage Facility Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire

Lime modification and cement stabilisation works to extend a frozen food storage facility.

Moorhead Group
Lime Modification / Stabilisation
6,500cu.m to 5% CBR & 7,200cu.m to 10% CBR
4 Weeks


Frozen Food Storage Facility

Working with Moorhead Excavations the end user is one of the leading temperature controlled food distribution businesses in the UK.

The external area required lime modification and improvement to strengthen the ground to achieve the specified 5% CBR and high end compaction requirements to create an engineered fill and finished platform. This was then topped with imported stone (but much less than would be required without treatment). The external subgrade area was around 11,300sq.m with 3100cu.m of fill which was overlaid and then treated in 300mm thick layers.

The building area required lime stabilisation to strengthen the subgrade and fill materials to achieve the specified 10% CBR required by higher imposed loads from the building. A high end compaction specification was again achieved to create the engineered fill and footprint platform. This was then topped with imported stone as before. The building footprint subgrade area was around 13,500sq.m with 3150cu.m of fill overlaid.

The treatment methodology was slightly unusual in that the subgrade was treated at competent formation and any required fill placed on top and treated in layers up to the required finished level.