Case Study

Kay Street Bridge Widening & Refurbishment Summerseat, Bury

Reconstruction & widening of a partially collapsed double arch masonry road bridge over the River Irwell following a major flooding event.

Bury MBC
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Kay Street Bridge Widening & Refurbishment, Summerseat

After commencement of works it was discovered that the bridge was damaged significantly more than originally envisaged. Further investigations found bedrock supporting the central pier had been scoured to a depth of 6m. Due to EA restrictions on in-river working (June to end of September only) works had to be postponed. Anti-scour and protection works were installed and the site made safe until works could resume. In 2020 we again accessed the river via a temporary causeway and undertook strengthening works around the central pier and the abutments on either side of the river, including; Temporary dams/pumping; Cased and augured RC piles to 21m depth; RC pile cap; mass concrete scour protection beams to abutments / retaining walls. We then undertook the original scope for widening the bridge. Works included; Mass concrete extensions to abutments and piers; Place new pre-cast Flexi-arches & spandrel walls; Foam concrete fill to existing/new arches; Extensive masonry works; RC bridge-deck; Waterproofing; Carriageway/footway reconstructions.