Coinford - Mascall Farm - CS243

Coinford – Mascalls Farm

CSSL have just finished the first of four visits to a housing development site in Kent. The works are for main contractor Coinford and involve the treatment of bulk fill for use in platform development and a stabilised capping layer within the estate roads. The works are all being undertaken in accordance with Kent County Council and HE standards as the roads will be adopted. The installation of the stabilised estate roads was undertaken after the completion of the deep drainage, so we were required to work around the manholes and used a small excavation team to do this.

The site was visited by a contingent of Coinfords Directors while works were underway as they hope to be able to use this solution on other sites in the future. We understand they were impressed by what they saw and are pleased with the completed works so far.

We return in June for the second visit and hope that this is the start of a productive working relationship with a new client.

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