Benefits of Soil Stabilisation

Soil stabilisation has many attractions in today's construction market including cost and environmental benefits.

Cost Savings

1) Minimum Muckaway Costs

Muckaway costs are avoided as the stabilising process allows the use of insitu materials, therefore excavation and removal of unsuitable materials is kept to a minimum.

2) No Roadstone Imports

Stabilised materials can be used as capping and sub-base replacements.

3) Reduced Surfaces Tonnages

We can surface trim to very fine tolerances, 0 to 10mm thus allowing a saving on road stone qualities.

All of these factors add up to a typical saving of 50% on traditional construction methods.

Environmental Benefits

1) Hugh reduction in lorry movements

Material is treated insitu, reducing the need to import and export material via road

2) Minimum use of landfill resources

Existing site materials are utilised

3) Two of the four binders we use are by-products of power stations and steel works

4) No requirement for quarried stone.

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