New Silo

Expanding Fleet

Our Fleet is still being expanded upon to cope with demand and currently we have 14 teams operational across the UK.  Now operating four 19m3 Struemaster spreaders and soon to be 10 new model Wirtgen WR240i mixers available (one new mixer just arrived and a second on route from Germany at the time of writing) taking the total number to 13. Further investment has seen 4 additional rollers added all with Continuous compaction control systems (clever software that tells you the soils are fully compacted), two further spreaders and two silos. With this investment CSSL are ensuring the critical stabilisation works do not run out of steam due to increased demands for soil stabilisation.

With kilometres of access roads and embankments to build on Hs2 as well as major highway schemes and commercial developments, CSSL have ensured we have enough resources to cope with the increased demand on the industry.

New Mixer hard at work

On a final note CSSL are always please to help charities and with the formation of the charitable trust this will hopefully ensure this may continue.

We donated some headphones to a languages department of a local secondary school, they have been put into action in this year’s GCSE speaking exams with much gratitude from the school and the pupils for this.

We have made donations to Kiers chosen charity he Royal British Legion for a bike ride from London to Paris. And a donation to the Boys & Girls Brigade (yes they are still going) in Safron Walden (where CSSL have a satellite office) to ensure we donate to all the local communities near our operations.