Keep on Going!

SPI Piling have kept on going and going strong and have a number of new projects on the horizon. A few of our up and coming projects are;

  • Isle of Man Ferry Terminal in Liverpool
  • Temporary works in Slough
  • Permanent piles in Redcar
  • New Aldi Store in Staffordshire

Updates on the Piling Contractor of Choice!

Islington Pumping Station
We were engaged by Balfour Beatty for the installation of permanent steel sheet piled walls supporting the existing river bank and water courses as part of a new internal drainage board outfall structure at Islington Pumping Station near Kings Lynn in Norfolk. A large amount of work had already been undertaken on the scheme by Balfour Beatty during the construction of the Pumping Station which is set to replace an existing dated structure that is now incapable of dealing with the flows encountered in recent times. Works were complicated as the site was heavily congested by existing works limiting the working space available to us. We worked closely with Balfour Beatty’s project team to plan, schedule and complete the work in phases. A number of methods were also used in order to minimise the amount of enabling works required. We provided, design, supply and installation services. This included the installation of temporary works at the start of the project to provide a single working area for the first phases of installation. Works were undertaken using our ABI Leader Rigs, hydraulic pile press, and conventional methods to address the varied access restrictions adjacent to the river.

St Ola Pier, Scrabster
We were awarded the works to carry out the piling and tie bar installation for the upgrading of the St Ola Pier at Scrabster Harbour in Scotland in July 2020 R J McLeod. The £18.5m project involves the reconstruction and redevelopment of the existing pier and deepening of the inner and outer berths of the pier to allow larger vessels to dock. The partial demolition of the existing pier will be required to allow for the construction of new pier walls and concrete decking. Our works consist of the installation of over 400m of CHS/Z section combi-wall piles and tie bars around the existing pier to provide better berthing and loading facilities within the harbour. Over 3,700t of piles were delivered by sea direct to site from a European supplier. The works have been carried out on two fronts by conventional methods from the existing pier utilising piling gates supported by 300 and 160t crawler cranes.

SPI McGrattan were awarded the works are to carry out the temporary and permanent steel piling associated with a new footbridge over the Stockingfield junction point of the Forth and Clyde Canal for Scottish Canals in September 2020 by Balfour Beatty. The works consist of the installation of around 350m of sheet piled wall to reinforce the existing canal banks at the junction in the canal system. This will provide additional support for the imposed loadings from the new three span pedestrian footbridge linking the various previously separated communities.

Kirkhaugh Footbridge Completed

We installed temporary cofferdam works within the South Tyne River for the construction of a new replacement footbridge. We also designed, supplied and installed the permanent bearing piles for the abutments. The piles were installed using our Side Grip Grizzly hammer.

Hoeford Substation, Fareham

We have been engaged as the nominated Piling Contractor of Choice to design and install tubular piles as the foundations for a new switch house within this National Grid substation. Not only were the piles to support the new building but the top of the piles were to be approximately 2m above ground level so that it sits at a higher level to protect from flooding. Our team on site worked very closely with the customer to ensure the piles were installed within extremely tight tolerances to ensure accurate fitting of the steel frame on top. The very tight site also meant we were restricted in the size of plant we could use. Sequencing of installation was therefore important and, being close to neighbouring properties, we took care to minimise disturbance. We used our new 35t excavator to pre-auger each pile position then drive the tubes as far as possible with our side grip vibrating hammer before finally back driving the tubes to a final set with our DX hydraulic drop hammer. The fact that all three items of equipment could be fitted to the excavator meant we were able to complete the works safely on time and to budget.

East Rhyl Coastal Defence Scheme

We were engaged to supply, install and extract piles for the Splash Point & Garford Road temporary cofferdams. All piles and framing materials have been supplied from our own comprehensive stocks. Tidal working presents its challenges and our team worked exceptionally well to deal with the everchanging conditions, tidal windows and tide times.

We work on projects all over the UK and are regarded as one of the leading specialist steel piling companies, that is why we are the


Sectors covered include;

  • Rail
  • Water & Waste Water
  • Ports & Harbours
  • Marine & Coastal
  • Flood Defence
  • Pipeline
  • Inland Waterways
  • Roads, Highways & Bridges
  • Housing Development
  • Commercial Development
  • Industrial
  • Energy & Power
  • Residential Basements
  • Commercial Basements
  • Temporary Works
  • Conventional techniques

And the services we provide….

  • Design
  • Supply
  • Install
  • Extract
  • Hire

SPI Piling Ltd, offer our customers a full design, supply and installation service (as we have for over 20 years). We are currently carrying out a variety of projects across the UK providing robust temporary works solutions in addition to the installation of permanent solutions. The above projects demonstrate the range of techniques we offer. Whatever your steel piling requirements we have the skills, expertise and pile stocks to meet them. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss potential solutions with you – please get in touch via telephone or through our website.