Mining Our Own Business!

Tritech Ground Engineering has recently started our first project with our newly formed Restricted Access service. A team of specialist engineers and crews has been set up to deal with unusual, difficult or tight situations providing an even more comprehensive service to our customers. We use an array of techniques to deliver solutions with rigs that are generally physically smaller and lighter than traditional piling rigs but construct piles with similar loading capacity. This smaller physical size allows the rigs to access almost any site. Basically, if you can walk to the area to be piled we can get a rig to it.

We are using a Klemm 708 drilling rig to install 220mm diameter casings through old mine workings on a site in Telford, Shropshire. The piles, drilled through a number of different rock seams and up to 27m in length, are socketed into rock by up to 5m. They will provide support to the in-situ concrete ground beams that will complete the foundations to new homes for a national housebuilder.

When complete we will have installed over 100 piles to 20 plots (this is ten ground beam foundations as two plots form one discrete foundation in this case) on the project. This service has complemented the steel tube driven piles that we designed and installed to a further 150 plots for this housebuilder. We have also carried out piling to another 120 plots for other housebuilders on the same development.

Our team would be pleased to discuss the potential solutions for any projects that are awkward, causing difficulty or have you scratching your head – just get in touch via phone or through our website.