Nothings TWO big to handle for CSSL

Combined Soil Stabilisation are undertaking a large earthworks and stabilisation contract for Volker Fitzpatrick in Skelmersdale.

This very large plot consists of two steel frame industrial warehouses and covers an area of approx. 90,000m2.

There is an extensive cut full exercise being undertaken with approx. 35,000m3 of soils to be placed and lime improved with additional treatment to any soft areas prior to upfilling and at the base of the cut.

The approximate hardstanding surface area of 70,000m2 will be lime and cement stabilised to achieve 30% CBR as well as offering non frost susceptibility to this layer.

Once complete this layer will be topped with 100mm of Type 1 to complete the project.

There is a very tight programme of 12 weeks, and we are currently on programme to complete the works a week early.