Piling it on!

Tritech Ground Engineering morphed out of our old piling business four years ago this month. There has been a number of noteworthy events in the intervening four years, not least of which is confirmation of order number 200, that we would like to share with you. 

Back in 2016 things kicked off with a vibrostone column rig and a rig like something Dr. Frankenstein might have put together, that was engineered and built by our plant department. This rig can install vibrostone columns, precast concrete and steel tubular piles, so we got three rigs in one! We got off to a good start and, whilst this little lot was run by a team of four, the other two members looked ahead.

The first two rigs are big and so we decided to look at the opposite end of the spectrum and, after testing a prototype for around a year, took the plunge and ordered a small precast piling rig in 2017. The testing allowed us to carry out a proper assessment and we specified a number of major modifications which were incorporated into the delivered rig. This allows us to offer a low ground bearing pressure option whilst having the capacity to drive long piles. This is particularly attractive to the residential sector.

Into 2018 and we, like Oliver, wanted more. A mid sized vibro rig would nicely complement our fleet and our plant department went to work again using a carefully selected kit of parts mixed with engineering innovation.

The result (the teal machine on the image below) is a machine that weighs two thirds as much as our large rigs but performs just as well. It also has data logging that transmits all column installation information back to base.

As 2019 hove into view another pair of smaller precast piling rigs became available and so we bought them and the plant department set to work again and rebuilt them to our specifications. To enable us to run this larger fleet we also needed to expand the team.

So, between 2018 and 2019, we recruited three graduates in Bilal, Ben and Adam (pictured below) to work with our experienced staff to learn and develop for both their, and the company’s, future success.

2020 has seen the addition of another precast piling rig (we also supplement our fleet using Group assets), the introduction of another service in the design and installation of precast concrete groundbeams and a rebrand to accompany a new website. In four short years we have grown from a team of six to over 20 and turnover has risen exponentially enabling us to invest further in the company. We could not have done this without the support of our customers, for whom we strive to continue improving our service. A big thanks must also go to the A E Yates Group for backing us all the way and our plant department for their industry.

We are already planning our next move, so WATCH THIS SPACE!