1000/1200mm Soltau RVS400AS

A fully hydraulic machine with surface mounted electro-hydraulic powerpack. It is a rotary machine that crushed stones using the carbides on the head and the rotating cone. Because of its rotary action a roller cutter rock head can be fitted. The Soltau is unique in TBMs of this size in that it has high pressure jetting lines routed through a rotary joint into the rotating arm of the head. Use of this high-pressure water greatly increases production in stiff clays. We have a mixed ground head for this machine which works very well in softer or fractured rocks.

It is a complete system with all pumps and control cabin and powerpack and jacking rig. There is a full set of umbilical and four inch slurry pipe. Interjacks and bentonite plant could also be available

A 1200mm upsizing skin is also available for this machine with rock and soft ground heads.

For further details please contact Glen Kilroy, Plant Director at;