1500/1800mm Internal Diameter Herrenknecht MH3 Backacter

This machine can be mounted in either a 1500mm or 1800mm internal diameter shield. The 1800mm internal diameter shield is standard Herrenknecht and the 1500mm shield was specifically made for us by TES. The material is won from the face with the backacter and loaded into a skip using a conveyor. Skips are removed via winching along the tunnel and removed from the pit using a crane or suitably equipped excavator.

This machine is powered by an electro-hydraulic power pack in the shield. This gives lower power losses as the distance down the tunnel increase and, with the tunnel size allowing the use of bentonite and interjacks, long distances can be driven. 200m is easily accomplished.

The jacking rig is based on Herrenknecht telescopic rams.

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