1500mm Internal Diameter Akkerman drum digger

An open face TBM where the cutting head is rotated inside the main shield with bearings between the outer skin and the inner rotating ‘drum’. The cutting head is a bar or cross across the face of the drum equipped with carbide teeth to suit the ground conditions. A very simple design and cuts to the exact shape of the pipe/tunnel so that the shield edge does not have to cut the ground. It is faster than a backacter in the right ground and when equipped with point attack teeth will cut much harder ground than a backacter.

The machine is ideal for stiff clays. The excavated material is loaded into skips using a conveyor belt or an auger (for soft ground) in much the same way as a backacter. Skips are usually winched out on a pipe bogie or rails. The system includes standard Akkerman rails and skips, all hydraulic umbilicals and an Akkerman power pack. The jacking rig is a telescopic Akkerman design allowing a full 2.5m diameter pipe to pushed without spacers.

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