1500mm Internal Diameter Herrenknecht M548

A full slurry system machine complete with Herrenknecht compact jacking rig, push module and pumps and umbilicals. It is powered from an electro-hydraulic powerpack within the tunnel with a high voltage electric supply down the tunnel to minimise power loss on long drives. Hydraulic drive to the cutter head minimises the length of the machine and it is complete with all cables and slurry lines. The 1500T is optimised for rock with underground face access to allow the roller cutters to be changed. This means that drive lengths are not limited by roller life. It is supplied with two roller cutter rock heads and a heavy duty soft ground head.

The machine will accommodate interjacks and a push module and this, combined with our automatic bentonite system, means long drives are possible. We have pushed this machine to more than 400m on several occasions in rock.

The  Herrenknecht 1500T also has a soft ground head and can be used in virtually any ground conditions if it is set up for those conditions. We normally launch out of a 5.5m diameter drive shaft to a 4.5m diameter reception shaft.

The system includes a pipe end airlock which allows the pipe to be pressurised for face access in extreme conditions. This has never been used and would require a full update and refurbishment to meet current regulations.

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