Size is not an issue

Tritech Ground Engineering’s Restricted Access team have been working on two projects which showcase their varied abilities. Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) piling has been one of the methods used since the restricted access department formed last year. Initially smaller projects were carried out on those awkward and constricted sites. Carrying out larger projects using CFA piles was always part of the growth plan to further expand our range of services. The two projects referred to above are:

A typical Restricted Access site with a constrained working area. We used a small 19 tonne CFA rig on a residential site in Prestwich, Greater Manchester for a national housebuilder with whom we regularly work. The team drove 45 piles of 300mm diameter up to 12.5m deep for four house plots on an infill area of the site. This visit followed previous visits to install vibro stone columns. CFA piles were required as we were close to existing properties and the ground conditions were poorer.

A repeat customer major housebuilder required piles to be installed immediately behind a high retaining wall which had been constructed and backfilled behind. As vibration would be an issue close to the wall we used a brand new Casagrande 125 40 tonne CFA rig, carrying out its first project, to install the piles. We bored 250 piles of 300mm diameter up to 16m long for 21 house plots. As with the job above, this was not our first visit – we had previously installed tubular steel piles to other plots.