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SPI Piling Ltd are one of the UK’s leading Sheet Piling Specialist Contractors, specialising in all types of solutions whether temporary or permanent, providing bespoke design and installation services to the civil engineering and construction industries across the United Kingdom.

At SPI Piling we are able to offer a variety of services, in order to provide a full turnkey solution to your project. However we understand, being a specialist contractor, that many projects have been in the planning stages for some time, and therefore you may not require all the services that we are able to offer. We are able to assist in tailoring our services to meet your needs, providing the best possible economic, sustainable solution for your project.

We can offer an extensive range of piling solutions to meet your needs; retaining walls are only one of our specialities. We design them in-house and have the capability to install many different types, often with the same specialist piling rig. This enables us to select the right system for your project. We can install sheet piled walls, king post walls, Combi Walls (CHS), Combi Walls HZM, Bearing piles to name a few, and we are fully conversant in a variety of environments such as Marine, coastal, highways, restricted access, waterways, watercourses, and other restricted sites (e.g. nuclear, MOD).

If you are constructing a basement we have the solutions to maximise the space available when installing sheet piles adjacent structures. We have rigs which can deal with all types of soil conditions including rock. We offer silent and vibrationless technology or conventional systems where appropriate. We also install bearing piles.

If it’s a temporary solution you require, we have over 3000te of available material, to re-use within your scheme, keeping costs low and durations short!

Please take a look at the services we offer, to help you understand the tailored solutions on offer.

Our Commitment to Net Zero

Net Zero – SPI Piling Decarbonisation and the Journey to Net Zero is the most important aspect facing all industries and sectors, and is of key importance to us, our…

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SPI Piling Limited, employ a specialist in house design team of Civil Engineers and Designers who can help you and your project from conception through construction to completion ensuring each…

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Supply, Install and Extract

At SPI Piling Ltd, we offer a full supply, install, and extraction service for all types of steel and sheet piling using recognised suppliers or our 3000te + owned stock…

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Steel Propping

Using various types of welding techniques our welders fabricate welded framing to support cofferdams, access jetties and other structures for both permanent and temporary requirements. SPI Piling Limited, encourage the…

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Steel Intensive Basements

Our in-house design team are experienced and knowledgeable in designing Steel Intensive basements that convert temporary cofferdams to permanent structures with the attendant cost, space and programme savings. Designs are…

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Silent Vibration Free Piling

The TOSA silent vibration free pile press enables piles to be installed and extracted in sensitive locations. Compact in size they are also ideally suited to height restricted sites such…

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Telescopic Leader Rig

Vibratory Leader Rigs SPI Piling Limited, own and operate a comprehensive fleet of modern Telescopic Leader Rigs, which can be fitted with a range of attachments to ensure that optimum…

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Side Grip Hammers

The Side Grip Hammer is attached to the end of the dipper arm of a 360º excavator (20te – 38te dependent on the unit being used). These units can be…

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Crane Suspended Piling Equipment

SPI Piling Limited own and operate an arsenal of crane suspended piling equipment for use in all piling applications. Crane suspended and adaptable to pile type this equipment is traditionally…

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Optional Attachments

DX25 Hydraulic Impact Hammer ABI HPZ Hydropress HPH1200 Hydraulic Impact Hammer

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Steel Piles come in many forms. Structural Members such as universal columns, universal beam and circular hollow section are regularly used for structural bearing piles and foundations as well as elements of combi wall systems more commonly seen in marine and harbour applications.

Steel sheet piles are hot rolled sections of steel formed with Larssen type interlocks which are driven into the ground to provide temporary or permanent lateral earth retention and excavation support.

Steel piles can be used for a variety of retaining wall solutions including cantilever; propped and anchored walls; permanent retaining walls; temporary cofferdams; conventional and marine steel piling; permanent sheet pile basements; flood defence walls and king post walls.

The advantages of using steel and sheet piles for retaining wall solutions can be summarised as follows;

  • Significantly quicker construction times and more cost effective than for either traditional reinforced concrete walls or concrete piled walls.
  • Sheet piles can be supplied in a variety of lengths; section size and steel grades.
  • Off site production – Steel sheet piles are preformed sections manufactured away from site providing a higher quality solution.
  • Re-Usable and recyclable.
  • Steel piles can be used for temporary works or permanent installations.
  • Made from recycled materials.
  • Sheet piles are suitable in many ground conditions and can be installed using Vibratory, Vibrationless or even percussive driving methods.
  • Permanent sheet piling provides a narrow form of construction which can be installed close to site boundary thus maximising usable development footprint.
  • There is no waste produced during installation works.
  • No curing period is required for sheet piles, allowing excavation and construction to commence immediately.
  • Steel sheet piles are designed with interlocking clutches to facilitate pitching as well as driving and results in a continuous wall with a series of closely fitting joints, providing an effective barrier against groundwater ingress.
  • Steel sheet piling is used in many types of temporary works and permanent structures. The section are designed to provide the maximum strength and durability  at the lowest possible weight consistent with good driving qualities.
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