The Installation of continuous Steel Sheet Piling and Bearing Piles may call for site welding and cutting.

The Welding and Cutting operations are carried out at SPI Piling Ltd by our "in-house vastly experienced welders"

All welding is done to high standards and to ensure the highest levels of quality are achieved.

Our Welders are needed on site for a range of welding practices and ancillary works, which include:

Stitch Welding/Full Welding - This is done, for example, around corners. One side of the pile is fully welded, whilst on the other side it is stitch welded, ie welds are intermittent. This type of welding is done to add strength.

Tack Welding - Normally done when the pile line changes direction, degrees or angles of the pile line. Once the required change has been made, ie a corner, it will be tack welded into the new position. It is a similar weld to stitch but not as long. It is a temporary weld to keep the piles in position until it can be fully welded.

Butt Welding - Sheet Piles come in various lengths but there are limitations for transport etc., so it may be necessary to butt weld piles on site i.e. lengthen them.

Structural Welding - Can be Butt, Solid, Overhead or Cap Welding. Cap welding comes in 3 parts: Route, Fill and Cap. These types of welding are permanent welds.

Seal Welding - When Sheet Piles are required to be water tight or prevent any other substance penetrating through, seal welding is used. Our welders apply a sealing weld to the pile clutch after the piles have been installed. The seal weld performs the primary function of sealing joints to prevent leakage; they are a containment measure and do not add to the joint strength.

Clutch Welding by Stoving - Stick Welding - Cutting Piles - Cutting Tubes, are also serivces available from SPI



Using the various types of welding techniques our welders apply their skill to making steel welded framing which will support cofferdams, access jetties and general fabrication.


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Steel Sheet Pile WeldingWelding in full PPE Gear

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