Side Grip Hammers

The Side Grip Hammer is attached to the end of the dipper arm of a 360º excavator (20te – 38te dependent on the unit being used). These units can be rotated vertically and horizontally offering high speed versatility in the correct applications.

The Side Grip hammer is able to grip each pile from the side and drive the pile into the ground meaning these machines can be ideal in height constrained situations. The hammer can also drive tubular piles and posts and also into embankments.

The base machines can handle piles up to 12m long (longer piles may require additional plant in support or other considerations).

The Side Grip vibratory hammers are available in a range of sizes to suit various sizes of excavators.

Pile accuracy is monitored via electronic instrumentation in the drivers cab. Side Grip technology offers optimised operation producing higher productivity and significant savings.

All designs are produced by experienced designers, working to British Standards and EuroCodes.

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