Silent Vibration Free Piling

The TOSA silent vibration free pile press enables piles to be installed and extracted in sensitive locations. Compact in size they are also ideally suited to height restricted sites such as inside buildings or under bridges. They hydraulically press piles into most soil types although, depending on ground stiffness/density, pre-augering or water jetting is sometimes required.

Following the installation of the first three piles from a reaction stand, the press travels along the installed piles using the reactionary force to press the next pile in (instead of using a hammering or vibratory action) creating very little noise or vibration. It is a self-travelling machine and does not need other machinery to assist it – apart from a crane that lifts the pile into the chuck of the pile press.

This installation methodology is common in densely built up areas where basement construction is part of the wider construction project.

Hydraulic press attachments are also available for our Leader Rigs allowing greater outputs by installing piles in panels of four with no vibration.