Supporting Critical Infrastructure

Piling Contractor of Choice!

SPI Piling have been engaged on a large number of key infrastructure projects in recent weeks throughout the UK.

As requested by the government we have continued to operate during the Coronavirus pandemic. We have done this only on projects where we are able to strictly adhere to government guidelines and the Construction Leadership Council Standard Operating Procedures. Our works are carried out outdoors and by small teams who can maintain social distancing at all times. We would like to also take the opportunity to thank our clients for working with us to enable the implementation many new operating procedures to ensure the health and safety of all during this difficult period.

Our powerful ABI Leader Rigs have been installing enabling works as part of a major sewer improvement project in and around Bristol. These temporary cofferdams, which we have designed, supplied and installed will allow large tunnelling machines to begin their exhausting task of new sewer tunnel installations.

Our ABI Leader Rigs and Sidegrip Piling equipment has been working hard installing approximately 300 steel sheet piles between 8m and 10m long as part of the construction of new river weir structure and Fish Pass along the bank of the River Trent in Worcestershire.

Our conventional piling crews have been working hard in Newcastle installing CHS bearing piles and steel sheet piles as part of the redevelopment of existing quay walls to support the renewable (wind) energy sectors working from these busy north eastern ports.

Our Sidegrip Piling crews have also been extremely busy throughout this last period working alongside rail network infrastructure in Wootten Bassett. A whopping 460Nr 10.5m long steel sheet piles have been installed to retain the existing railway embankments on this site. All piles were installed using our sidegrip piling equipment along with augering and impact driving attachments.

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