Large Diameter CFA at Brentford


Construction of affardable housing and flats



Installation of 450mm diameter contiguous retaining wall. Piles were installed using a large CM120 piling rig as a major contract for new affardable housing and flats.

Retained heights of up to 3m were designed for. Piles were installed with reinforced piles on every alternate pile with infill piles being reinforced.

Also our large CM120 piling rig installed 600 and 750mm dia piles to 30m depths. The use of CFA was chosen over conventional Rotary, due to the depth of water bearing gravels to 9.5m. Using CFA allowed for high production levels.

Study Project Date  
CFA Piling at Nantwich 08/10/2012
Contigous Wall & Bearing Piles at Prince of Wales Road, Kentish Town, London 11/06/2012
CFA Piling at Binnegar Quarry, Dorset 05/04/2012
CFA Piling at Mottran Road, Hyde 24/02/2012
CFA Piles at Chiswick High Road, London 25/01/2012
Bottom Driven Piling at Blackpool 30/06/2011
Tripod Bored Piling in London 31/05/2011
Large Diameter Auger at Manchester Sports City 31/01/2011
Driven Precast Piling at Newcastle Under Lyne 31/08/2010
Mini Piling at Stockport 31/08/2010
CFA Piling at Greenwich 30/06/2010
Mini Restricted Access Piling at Richmond, North Yorkshire 30/06/2010
Large Diameter CFA at Brentford 30/06/2010
Tripod Bored Piling in Stockport 30/06/2010
CFA Retaining Wall at Liverpool 30/04/2010
CFA - Segmental Piles at Wilton International, Middleborough 31/10/2007

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